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High jewellery is the purest expression of Maya jewels jaipur styles . A spectacular theatre of Contemporary Baroque. Divinely decadent one-of-a-kind works of art, weaving magnificent gems, of staggering value, with sublime craftsmanship and technical wizardry, in creations of exuberance and extravagance, preserving and perpetuating the finest traditions of jaipur india

Dedicated to absolute perfection, continual innovation and ingenuity, for 20 years, Maya jewels  has blazed a trail of dynamic design, unprecedented in today’s universe of High Jewellery. Since this young, exuberant jewellery house burst onto the scene in 2008, Masterminded by Yogesh sharma, Maya jewels has been driven, above all, by the pursuit of excellence, its intense creativity fuelled by a free-spirited passion for extraordinary gemstones and the quest for the ultimate in craftsmanship.

Every maya jewels  creation - one-of-a-kind High Jewellery masterpieces, fine jewellery made in limited series, thrilling Designer jewellery pcs - is meticulously finished, down to the finest details, on the reverse or inside, turning a jewel into a personal, intimate treasure: voluptuous, sculptural forms, pavé work of breathtaking finesse, intricate engraving or openwork, all crafted by the cream of the world’s most expertly skilled goldsmiths, jewellers Stone manufaturars.

Based in india jaipur Maya jewels  draws on the city’s revered, age-old traditions of jewellery  bring bold, barrier-breaking, contemporary visions to life. To bring new freedom and excitement to precious jewellery, a fearless fusion of the rarest, most valuable and most intriguing gems with strikingly contemporary design. Maya jewels reverent revolutionary.

With a profound respect for the noblest traditions of craftsmanship, Maya jewels understands that both jewellery and Stones are the result of centuries of experience and expertise, and countless hours of breathtaking, specialised skills, perfected by devoted artisans.

Today, Maya jewels draws on that heritage, and on a team of world-leading craftsmen, specialised in, for example, sculptural goldsmithing, gem-setting,micro-pave setting, hand-engraving, hand-pierced openworking - to reach new levels of perfection, to highlight and perpetuate the refinement and finesse of maya jewels

In this way, the maya jewel becomes not only a statement of individual style, but also a personal, tactile, intimate treasure. The sublime craftsmanship, so vital and meaningful , in turn, liberates his creativity, brings visions to life, giving expression, form and colour to the daring dynamism of Maya jewels style.

Craftsmanship and connoisseurship, refinement and finesse that turn a maya  jewels into a timeless work of art.


The Maya jewels quest for the ultimate in perfection starts with the inspired choice of the finest materials, sumptuous gems and gold, the jeweller’s palette. yogesh sharma has a passion for gemstones, an affinity with colour, but also, unusually, a fresh, unprejudiced eye for the innate beauty and personality of stones, many previously overlooked or disregarded, like his favourite black diamond or the captivating iridescent Scut  diamonds.

yogesh is uncompromising in his choice of materials:and Quality assurance  while he selects each gem for its individual beauty, its colour, light, intensity, regardless of conventional classification. ”I have always disliked the terms ‘precious’ and ‘semi-precious’”, explains yogesh “What fascinates me is the magnificence and magnetism of a stone’s colour.”

In today’s spirit of intense connoisseurship, maya jewels searches the world for the finest gemstones, not only the rarest, most precious and valuable, but also gems with character and charisma, to appeal to their ever-more discerning and sophisticated clientele. This focus on the rarity of beauty results in only a limited number of jewels, and an exclusive, intensely personal relationship with each individual clients. Maya jewels and the art of rarity.

Celebrations and exhibitions, elegant dinners. This high-octane, high-spirited glamour is captured and reflected in Maya jewels and Jewellery .The emotion and excitement of arresting colour, in unexpected combinations or harmonies of tone, the seductive play of light, sensual silouettes and voluptuous volumes.Their extrovert audacity comes from yogesh sharma himself, a natural host, gregarious, vivacious, who gathers friends around him at every opportunity, on his non-stop travels across the globe: where Maya jewels is a regular fixture.The Maya jewels Store envelop clients in the same welcoming charm, each creating an enticing world of its  a universe of gems, light and glamour.Maya jewels glamour.

Maya jewels has gained an international reputation for its daring, dynamic design ethos, a signature style that blends the timeless modernity of bold, graphic silhouettes, contemporary materials and colours, with a touch of decadence, Renaissance richness and baroque beauty.

It is style, underpinned with emotion, yet free of nostalgia or sentiment, characterised by powerful, pure compositions of line, colour and texture, startling colour combinations, the rhythm of sheen and shine, perfect proportions, the balance of linear simplicity with luscious sensuality.

The strength of the forms, the pulsating colour, the audacity are all balanced too with the intricacy of hand-worked details, engraving inside a ring, a jewel that glides like silk on the skin, that captures both the power and finesse of femininity.

All made possible by the endless pursuit of technical virtuosity and ceaseless innovation.

Breaking through barriers, subverting convention,Maya jewels has launched some of today’s most exciting jewellery expressions, the darkly dangerous black diamonds, the soft, misty “Icy” diamonds, the  Ecoatings for jewels.

Maya jewels revitalises the noble art of the jewel.

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